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E-MIX Recording Studio          
E-MIX Recording Studio  owned & managed by Meir [Halevi] Eshel has been recording since 1988 under different Studio names [Miditone in South Africa ,Hamedinah ,2inch Florentin in Israel]. among the artists recorded their albums by us :
Yehudit Ravitz- " Ga'agua "
Monica Sex -     " Yachasim Ptuchim "
Beit Habubot -   " Shuv Hachiyuch " 
Lucky Mereki -   "You Got Me Dancing " [in South Africa] 
E- MIX is an Analog/ Digital recording studio, among its equipment you can find ;
Amek Angela 2- 40 channel consule, studer A80 [24 track] Analog Machine, Protools HD 2 24 Channel inputs, Mac Pro Computer, Krk 13000 Big Monitors, Dynaudio BM6 Close Monitors,  Auratone Small Monitors, Yamaha G1 Baby Grand Piano.
For more details regarding equipment & rates please contact us .