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MEIR[HALEVI]ESHEL was born in ISRAEL where he attended the FIRST SCHOOL OF MODERN MUSIC AND JAZZ in TEL-AVIV, studying saxophone as his principal instrument and guitar as his second instrument .He also studied jazz harmony and piano under professor TZVI KEREN.
During the years 1977-1979 Meir studied theory, harmony and piano at the JULLIARD SCHOOL OF MUSIC in NEW-YORK.
In 1982 Meir obtained a B.Music degree[cum laude] at the BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC in BOSTON. During his time there , he majored in Film Music with saxophone as his principal instrument , doubling on clarinet and flute.
After graduating from berklee, Meir studied classical composition with professor HUGO NORDEN [BOSTON UNIVERSITY] and was accepted for the Master of Music program at the UNIVERSITY of MIAMI.
An offer by TECHNIKON PRETORIA to lecture in Light Music brought him to SOUTH AFRICA. He lectured there between the years 1985 and 1988. There he directed various student shows including "STARS" [excerpts from BROWDWAY musicals], and co  coducted the first TECHNIKON PRETORIA BIG BAND JAZZ GALA for which he composed, arranged and played lead alto saxophone.
In SOUTH AFRICA ,Meir has scored several films, these include;" The Most Dangerous Woman Alive" ["Lethal Woman"], " Red Elephants"- a two-part T.V series for S.A.B.C T.V1," Revenge of Q" and "The Dark Worrior". Additionally Meir has played or arranged for various T.V programes,
including " Fast Forward", " No Jacket Required", "Big Band Jazz Gala", Soveel Slim Stories", "Late Night Session", . He also arranged music for a radio transcription featuring Johnny Wolfswinkel. His Commercial output includes jingels for "John Orrs",and  theme music for a corporate video "Persetel" commissioned by Max Katz and associates.
During his stay in south africa Meir has produced, recorded and played on 2 chassidic albums:"ORAH VEZIMERAH" [rebbai Matityahu Glazerson compositions] and" DUO OLAMI" [COLLIN SCHACHAT & -SINGERS].